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Elastothane In The Community

It's not just business, it's family

Elastothane is a family owned business that was started from our family home many years ago. With our roots firmly planted in the local community, the business has seen many challenges, throughout which our family, friends and neighbours have supported us in so many ways. We firmly believe in giving back to the community, and as such have found that our local football team, AFC Fradley, are providing an invaluable service to the next generation, by providing a platform for children of all ages and abilities from Fradley and the surrounding areas to play football in a safe and fun environment.

Proud Sponsors

Elastothane are proud to be an official sponsor of AFC Fradley, and we hope that our contribution will help a new generation of children develop and thrive through football, in a fun, inclusive and inspirational way. We can't wait to see the new kit arrive in September, and wish all players, coaches and team members the best of luck in their careers.

We look forward to updating you on future match results, kit photos and other team news as it happens!