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Elastothane Coatings For Blast Mitigation & Anti-Terrorism

The improvement of blast resistance in structures is a topic of great focus in today's world of elevated threat levels from terrorism. The leading cause of death from blast load impact is typically not related to the actual blast effects such as heat or pressure, it is the debris and fragmentation moving at exceedingly high velocities. Many improvised explosive devices (IED's) are packed with additional projectiles like screws, nails and scrap metal, designed to injure or kill without discrimination. In tests, polyurea is shown to withstand forces up to 20 times greater than concrete alone, making it the ideal blast mitigation coating.

The Science

Polyurea's incredible strain modulus strength reduces wall deflection whilst lowering the blast-caused pressure in a room. The high elongation allows pressure to be absorbed across its surface area as the coating flexes and returns to its original state. Minimizing deflection reduces the potential of objects located near the wall from becoming dangerous projectiles. This ultra-high strength barrier coating improves the survival rate of occupants exposed to a blast event.


We have tested several of our coatings against blast forces and ballistic impact, with impressive results on both fronts. Employing the MOD at specialist ranges in the Brecon Beacons, our coatings have been subjected to a battery of tests to simulate many differing scenarios. Polyurea is an exceptional coating for blast mitigation, and helps with ballistic protection, especially in conjunction with kevlar and nylon composites.


Elastothane blast mitigation coatings have be installed at many UK MOD buildings, government offices and intelligence facilities, where threat levels are perceived to be at a constant high level. We have increasingly been asked to supply blast mitigation coatings for private clients, ranging from high profile individuals to corporate head quarters.

Need an applicator?

We are often asked if we can apply our coatings for customers, however we feel that this would be directly in competition with our customers, and therefore don't offer that service. We have many independent applicators that are highly experienced and can offer in-house or on-site spraying of polyurea. To find out more, please call us and we can match you to an applicator that will be able to help.