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Market leaders in 1:1 spray applied polyurea, polyurethane and hybrid coatings and linings, formulated to offer unrivalled performance in the most extreme applications and demanding environments. Proudly manufactured in Great Britain.

Elastothane Coatings And In-Mould Linings For Defence

Elastothane custom formulated coatings meet the needs of many military applications around the globe. From blast mitigation to asset protection, our unique coatings will protect and endure in the most hostile environments.

Blast Mitigation

Elastothane polyurea has been successfully installed as a blast mitigation coating in many government, intelligence and military buildings. Elastoline 6070 has the ability to absorb energy and contain debris due to its high tensile strength, elongation, and modulus.


Elastothane hybrid polyureas are use to coat ballistic panels that are installed in Chinook helicopter floors, C-130 pilot seat tubs, load bay doors and high wear walkways. Chosen for its tough but flexible nature, it protects from impact and abrasion whilst moving with fluctuating temperatures.


First used in snatch Land Rovers, on ballistic panels under seating, to protect from IED's, our coatings soon found there way into many other vehicles. Protected patrol vehicles used in desert warfare have been given extra protection from natures abrasive sand blasting, whilst low loaders transporting Challenger 2 tanks have treated chassis to protect against environmental damage.


Helping protect vessels like launches, RIB's and autonomous survey craft, our coatings are tried and tested in marine applications. From hulls and decks to component parts, Elastothane polyurea keeps MOD vessels afloat with less maintenance and lower costs. Our most recent work includes hull protection from impact and abrasion on rapid beach landing craft.

Need an applicator?

We are often asked if we can apply our coatings for customers, however we feel that this would be directly in competition with our customers, and therefore don't offer that service. We have many independent applicators that are highly experienced and can offer in-house or on-site spraying of polyurea. To find out more, please call us and we can match you to an applicator that will be able to help.