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Market leaders in 1:1 spray applied polyurea, polyurethane and hybrid coatings and linings, formulated to offer unrivalled performance in the most extreme applications and demanding environments. Proudly manufactured in Great Britain.

Elastothane Coatings And Linings For The Oil & Gas Sector

Oil and gas accounts for more than three quarters of the UK's total primary energy needs. Oil provides 97% of the fuel for transport, and gas is a key fuel for heating and electricity generation. Transport, heating and electricity each account for about one third of the UK's primary energy needs. Oil and gas are also major feedstocks for the petrochemicals industries producing pharmaceuticals, plastics, cosmetics and domestic appliances. With this in mind, the complex supply chain that spans from extraction, to refinery and then delivery and consumption, the industry is faced with complex coating needs including chemical resistance, corrosion protection, impact and abrasion resistance, tanking, bunding, lining and waterproofing to name but a few. Elastothane polyurea and polyurethane coatings exceed the demands of hostile environments presented by the oil and gas industry.

Our Proven Track Record

With over 20 years experience in supplying coatings to the oil and gas sector, we have proven to be an invaluable partner to many. Our capabilities have seen us supplying coatings for refineries and forecourts, off-shore drill decks, pipeline protection, above and below ground tanks, waterproofing, liquid natural gas transfer stations and general asset protection, all of which require environmental and hydrocarbon resistant protective coatings.


Our in house laboratory provides application specific testing, research and development for products that will be used in the oil and gas sector. Our team of Chemists and Urethane Technologists also custom formulate products to meet exact criteria set out by oil and gas industry customers. Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015, our quality is second to none with traceability from raw materials to finished goods.

Oil & Gas Products

Our oil and gas sector coatings have been formulated specifically to protect against chemical attack, abrasion, impact and corrosion, as well as having an excellent in service temperature range. Typical products used include:

  • Elastoline 6050 pure polyurea
  • Elastoline 6060 pure polyurea
  • Elastoline 6070 hybrid polyurea
  • Elastoline 7065 pure polyurea
  • Elastoline 7061 FR pure polyurea
  • Elastoline CG hybrid polyurea

  • Need an applicator?

    We are often asked if we can apply our coatings for customers, however we feel that this would be directly in competition with our customers, and therefore don't offer that service. We have many independent applicators that are highly experienced and can offer in-house or on-site spraying of polyurea. To find out more, please call us and we can match you to an applicator that will be able to help.