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What do you need to spray Elastoline Coatings and linings?

Our coatings are spray applied using a plural component reactor. As our products contain zero V.O.C's (solvents), they are viscous by nature and therefore need to be heated to around 70 degrees celsius before they will spray. The chemistry of polyurea also means that mixing prior to spraying is impossible, as a typical pot life is only 5 seconds. The plural component reactor uses either hydraulic or electric motors (depending on model) to generate between 2500 and 3000 psi of pressure, enabling the correct mixing in the head of the spray gun. The two components are mixed in a small chamber before being atomised as they leave the gun. It is not possible to spray our coatings with any other equipment.

The industry standard

Whilst there are a few different models of reactor, the industry standard is the H-XP2 Reactor 2 from Graco. The H-XP2's output can cope with the demands of manufacturing as well as offering consistent results and quality. The touch screen interface is intuitive and easy to use, as well as offering easy diagnostics and downloadable data to help keep an accurate view of material usage and cost.

The Probler P2 gun

Graco offer many variants of impingement mix guns, however for ease of use and versatility, we recommend the Probler P2 every time. The design of the Probler P2 means less down time and quick changes of filters and tips. With multiple options when it comes to the fan pattern, you will find something that suits every sprayer, as well creating the exact finish and texture you want. The fan pattern can be changed between round and flat spray, width of fan pattern, output and horizontal or vertical.

Booth, Power & Air

To spray polyurea you will also need the correct power, air and environment to guarantee success. The reactor requires 3 phase power (5 pin with neutral) with the pins configured in the correct phases, which should be ready prior to installation. The reactor/gun, feed pumps and mixer require clean, dry compressed air, so if you have compressor already, it will need to have at least 25 CFM spare capacity. Finally, you will need a spray booth that will contain and filter the overspray, as well as providing directional air flow for creating the texture coat efficiently. Your spray booth can be open fronted, however it must be a dry filter booth with good lighting.

We do not sell equipment or booths, however we can recommend independent companies to provide everything needed to spray our products.